Great spot for getting into waves, needs a very specific wind direction of NE, may work on a Northerly too, if its on.. there maybe surfers pending on how windy it is. There is also a mellow surf spot closer to the shore to be wary of, if you get caught in the wind shadow in the bay south of the ramp, be careful of people in the water.

Check out the locals in off shore wind conditions (not recommened for newbies). Thanks Tim Stockman for the drone footage.



Additional Details

  • Average wave heights (breaking shore waves to ride): 2-4ft
  • Distance from waters edge to safe foiling depth.: 10-20m
  • Anything else we should know?:May need to paddle out to get into wind line. Waves look bigger than they look. Avoid going into surf line up.
  • Rider level: Intermediate, Foil Pro
  • Shore Description: Surf Beach
  • Best wind direction: SE
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  • Best Tides: All tides
  • Best swell conditions: 2-4ft
  • Best time of year:Dec - Feb, Mar - May
  • Comments::3/4 wetsuit used most of the time. Booties and gloves for winter months.
  • Car Parking:Sealed
  • Rigging Area: Sealed
  • Entering the Water:Boat Ramp
  • Average Wind: 10-15kts
  • Best area or direction to ride:Out the back of the rolling swell away from rocks and white water.
  • Alternative landing locations:Land anywhere on the beach during low tide, may be an issue on hightide with rocky short line and all the winging gear.
  • Other likely on-water activities to watch for:Boating, Fishing, Jetskis, Swimming/Surfing

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Great spot, easy access – not for beginners

4.0/ 5

Not a beginner spot. Before you go, think of how you will exit the water and avoid the swimmers if you don’t make it back to the ramp… This is a great spot; however, be aware of the hazards and complex parts… #1 – The spot can be a bit sheltered from the wind, so you need to paddle out. It is easy to lose ground and go downwind, Which brings us to hazard #2. #2 – It is a very popular swimming and surfing beach, especially in the corner. If it is windy enough to wing, it is unlikely to be crowded, but be careful of surfers/swimmers. Please do not ruin it for the rest of us by being a dick! # -3 You can see them from the ramp, but there are LOTS of rocks towards the end of the bay; if they seem far, you can quickly end on them with bad luck. # – 4 As you get closer to the South Shore, you will be closer to the estuary mouth; there are strong currents, be aware, especially if the tide is going out # 5 – Waves can be more significant than they look.

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