Large community of wind sport enthusiasts can be found here including: Wing foilers, kiteboarders, kite foilers and windsurfers. 

*-On the water-* Can get busy as very popular with wing foilers & other craft so best to be constantly aware of surroundings & speed differences. Especially when wind is onshore with many kiters close to shore so be careful when entering and exiting the water. 

*Wind Direction*: Works best with anything with onshore and that’s the safest condition. If too much southerly in it, it becomes patchy. If the wind is very strong and/or waves are too big to get out through, Hatfields beach becomes a perfect launching point in NE and E wind directions more can be found here-

Offshore conditions are great for experienced riders especially with waves but not recommended if rider is inexperienced and struggles with upwind riding as only downwind safety spots are the bays along the peninsula. 

*Wind Strength:* Full range from dead calm to gale force winds with cyclones – nearest reading from Orewa webcam, do note that webcam is placed ontop of surf club so will be reading more than actual conditions due to wind speeding up hill – 

PredictWind also has wind readings at the end of the peninsula and on Tiritiri Matangi Island which in combination with the surf club can allow you to make an informed wing/kite size decision.


*Camera’s & Live conditions*:

Webcams can be found on Windsurf, Surfline and PredictWind. Windsurf as mentioned above has two angles of beach, both updated every 5 mins. Surfline has a camera thanks to underground surf (local surf shop) and PredictWind has one pointing from the toilets onto the beach. 

*Water depths:* Can sometimes be a long walk out woith distances ranging from 25m to 50m and with waves can make it more challenging however by walking out to chest deep, its possible to get going but may need to paddle past waves or get up and foiling between waves.

*Water quality/clarity:* Sedimentary rocks and estuary opening means the water clarity / turbidity deteriorates fairly quickly if there’s been a decent blow of wind for a few days. Quality- Pretty good – can check water at if interested.



Additional Details

  • Rider level:Beginner, Intermediate, Foil Pro
  • Shore Description: Surf Beach
  • Best wind direction:N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW
  • Best Tides: All tides
  • Best swell conditions:0-2ft, 2-4ft, 4-6ft
  • Best time of year:Dec - Feb, Mar - May, Jun - Aug, Sep - Nov
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  • Distance from waters edge to safe foiling depth.: 20-40m, 50m+
  • Comments::The bar can be quite shallow at low tides and with more breaking waves can become a dangerous spot if you get caught on the inside there. Bar location is south to the surf club where the estuary joins the beach.
  • Car Parking:Sealed, Grass, Sand
  • Rigging Area:Grass, Sand, Sealed
  • Entering the Water: Beach
  • Average Wind:0-10kts, 8-12kts, 10-15kts, 15-20kts, 20-30kts
  • Average wave heights (breaking shore waves to ride): 2-4ft
  • Best area or direction to ride:Parrallel to beach and/or upwind
  • Alternative landing locations:In onshore conditions: Orewa, Red Beach. In offshore conditions: The penisula
  • Other likely on-water activities to watch for: Families, Jetskis, Swimming/Surfing
  • Anything else we should know?:Very popular beach during summer; lots of swimmers and surfers

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