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Evening session with Stefan

Feeling the power of the wind in your hands while flying above the water is what we’re all about. We encourage you to explore, and adventure to, new locations to wing foil and enjoy a great experience, safely.

Wing foiling is accessible to a wide age-range of people, and is without doubt the fastest growing global water sport. There has never been a better time to head out and enjoy the wind and water in your hair. Wing foiling is great fun with a few mates and has an awesome community of riders.

When the wind is blowing, wing foilers love to race, freestyle, jump, pump, glide, ride and carve across waves. Once you have the gear, the wind and water are free!

FoilPro is a user-generated list of locations created by riders for riders, sharing information relevant to wing foiling. Founded by Dan Wein and Stefan Cook, the vision was to build a site educating riders on locations and water safety, as well as helping build a community. 

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Dan on the fly

Whether you’re learning the sport of wing foiling, or a seasoned wing foiler, we hope you’ll find valuable information on wing foil locations when traveling locally or abroad. If you know a local spot well, please consider contributing information to allow others to enjoy it too.

New to Foil Pro? We hope you’ll find a new location to explore, and then give some feedback under the review tab. No matter what your level of expertise, we hope you’ll get the most out of FoilPro, share the stoke, and be loyal to the foil! 


Dan and Stefan,

The FoilPro Team – Auckland, New Zealand